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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Megan and Tiff 'The Bachelor' Dating: Confirmed

So, yeah.

Two seemingly hetero gals who were both contestants on 'The Bachelor' are now dating.

After weeks of clever hints, Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlan have confirmed they are in a relationship.

Rumours had been swirling for a while that the former 'The Bachelor' contestants’ VERY close friendship was actually a girl romance... all you need to do is look at the series of naked photo shoots and “couple shots” with loved up captions.
Here are some of their Instagram photos. Yep, defs a couple:
Last month, Megan refused to deny their romance in an interview with OK!magazine.

“I think you can probably tell from the pictures that have been posted that we don’t have the most conventional relationship,” she said.

Though she also made it clear neither of them would rule out a relationship with a woman.
“I think that when it comes to attraction, for me, it’s usually a connection of minds and humour before anything else and I’m traditionally attracted to men but I don’t rule anything out ... I would say Tiff’s in the same boat.”

A photo posted by Megan Marx 🌷 (@megan.leto.marx) on

Pete Burns 'Dead Or Alive' Dies Age 57

Pete Burns - the frontman from 1980s pop group 'Dead Or Alive' - has died, age 57.

He died of a cardiac arrest.
Burns rose to fame in the 1980s with the band’s hit song You Spin Me Round (Like a Record). He also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006, coming fifth in the final. 
A statement released by his partner, Michael Simpson, his ex-wife, Lynne Corlett, and his manager and former band member, Steve Coy, read: “All of his family and friends are devastated by the loss of our special star. He was a true visionary, a beautiful talented soul and will be missed by all those who loved and appreciated everything he was and all of the wonderful memories he has left us with.”
I was fortunate to interview the man several years ago for Cream magazine. Here is part of that interview:

And here is one of the group's hits:

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition Mixmaster, Food Processor and Stick Mixer: WIN

Bakers - amateurs, afiocionados, experts - do you have a Sunbeam Mixmaster on your bench?

If you answered no, but have aspired to own one... you're in luck!

The now iconic Mixmaster has manifested a new, shiny kitchen wizz... and it's Adriano Zumbo approved! In fact, it bears the name of the master patissier and dessert inventor, and comes in three exciting colour ways.

Even more exciting: Josie's Juice readers have the opportunity to win one! Scroll down for more, but first... more on this new incarnation of a longtime appliance favourite. Be quick if you want one, though... these babies are limited edition. Yes, plural. The new range consists of the Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition Mixmaster®, Food Processor and Stick Mixer.

Here is a teaser video:

The Sunbeam design team has collaborated with Adriano Zumbo to create these clever mixers, and our fave part of all is that the Zumbo branded Mixmaster® is available in three colours inspired by Zumbo’s celebrated creations: Pink Marshmallow, Magenta and V8 Vanilla. Here they are, with the man himself:

We don't know about you but a shiny new kitchen gadget inspires us to create!

Josie's Juice has been lucky enough to have the Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition Mixmaster® ready to unwrap on the kitchen bench, and whoa, you guys... baked goods are going to be flowing from Casa JJ.

A little more about the Mixmaster® - first launched in the 1940s, it has had an enduring - and endearing - history with home and commercial bakers. Check out some old school Mixmasters:

The new Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition Mixmaster® has some unique features; it include the Super-Scraper Whisk for lighter egg whites and creamier whipped cream (yesss!), and there is an innovative Scrapemaster™ Spatula Beater that combines ingredients and scrapes the side of the bowl simultaneously. Um, hello... genius!

The new Mixmaster® also has a brilliant Power Drive feature that turns it into an ultra-versatile kitchen machine, allowing cooks to plug in included accessories such as the Pasta Roller to make fresh pasta! Stop it right now. This Italophile is STUPIDLY excited.

Says Adriano Zumbo:“I grew up with a Sunbeam Mixmaster® as Mum had one. If you’re even slightly interested in cooking and baking, it’s probably the best appliance you could have. It’s the one thing that I absolutely have to have in my kitchen, so I’m super excited to have worked so closely with the Sunbeam design team to help turn one of the all-time kitchen appliance greats into the ultimate multi-tasking tool that will have everyone mixing like masters in no time!”

The new range also includes the Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition Food Processor, featuring 2L and 400mL processing bowls that work simultaneously for faster results, and a clever drawer, providing welcome onboard storage to tidy away the five included accessories.

Small in stature, but huge in capability, the Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition Stick Mixer is one of the ultimate compact kitchen tools that make blending, mixing, whisking, slicing and mashing a breeze. “This is one of the most useful and versatile tools in my kitchen,” says Zumbo of his new Stick Mixer design collaboration with Sunbeam. “It has come so far from the stick mixers of the past. We’ve added amazingly useful attachments, like the 1.25L processing bowl, which make it the perfect option if you don’t have space for a full-sized food processor. There are many tools to blend and create almost anything from mash and soups to smoothies, fruit purees, and yes even macarons!”

Here is the complete range:

More about Adriano Zumbo: he shot to fame in 2007 when he challenged MasterChef Australia contestants to make the notoriously complicated Croquembouche. Remember that? What a TV moment!

Today, his Zumbarons and V8 Vanilla Cake are household names and he continues to share his love affair for pastry and everything sweet through his growing number of mouth-watering outlets Australia wide.

In store from October 2016 (yes, right now!), the new Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition Range is available at Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Myer, David Jones, Bing Lee and other leading retailers as well as online at www.sunbeam.com.au/zumbo


Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition Mixer RRP $599
Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition Food Processor $399
Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition Stick Mixer $179

And now! How to go into the running to win a Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition Mixmaster - and you get to choose the colour!

Here is all you need to do for your chance to win one:

- Follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you are on the social media platforms. 

- Follow the Sunbeam Australia page on Instagram

Also, share the Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition photo which features on the @josiegags Instagram page by taking a screenshot of it, then using these handle names: @josiegags @sunbeamaustralia

And use these hashtags: #regram #josiesjuice #competitions #giveaways #prizes #AdrianoZumbo #sunbeamaustralia #zumbo

- Share this blog link on your Facebook wall

- Comment below on why you'd like to win the Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition Mixmaster, and which colour you'd like if you won, AND email me at josiegags@optusnet.com.au so I can contact you in case you are a winner (so many people forget this step and don't enter a valid email address below, and I spend lots of time trying to track you down, or simply give the prize to the next person - not fun for anyone!)

(If you find it hard to comment below because your device won't let you - sometimes that happens on an iPhone, for example - simply send me your entry and address via email at josiegags@optusnet.com.au).

*Competition is open to Australian residents only.

Winners will be advised by email in November 2016. Good luck!

Still stuck on the colour?

Here you are:

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Donald Trump Roast: VIDEO

It's here. Again.

The 2011 Donald Trump 'roast'.

The panel inclueded Larry King, Lisa Lampanelli, Marlee Matlin (interpreted by interpreter Jack Jason), Snoop Dogg and Jeff Ross took turns at hurling abuse at Donald Trump for the Comedy Central TV special.

But as Aaron Lee (who has written jokes for every Comedy Central Roast Special since 2005) revealed, “Each year, the ‘roastee’ has certain topics they declare off limits”.
So what did Trump refuse to laugh about?
“The only thing we got from Trump was the request not to say he exaggerates his wealth,” Lee wrote on li.st.

Here are some of the best bits, though tune into the special Channel 9 (Australian TV) screening on tonight:

Kourtney Kardashian: 'Today Extra' Interview Interruption

Kourtney Kardashian was on Australian TV just now, in an exclusive Australian interview in line with her brand ambassador role for the new Manuka Doctor brand, when the interview went a tad askew when David and Sonia from the TV show 'Today Extra' asked about Kourtney's sister Kim Kardashian, and how she was faring after the Paris robbery ordeal.

Kourtney was seen on camera looking to the side of the screen, while someone, presumably her publicist, was chatting with her, with Kourtney then not continuing to answer questions asked by Sonia and David, about her sister Kim's wellbeing post hold up.

Kourtney then came back and explained what happened with the live cross, and that "everyone was talking to me."

Here is what happened:

Here is part two of the interview:

And here is more on the interview started with, the actually quite interesting association with manuka honey, and how she has been using it for years before being approached as a brand ambassador:

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

73 Questions With Emma Stone, Vogue: VIDEO

Emma Stone shows off her fabulous dance moves, belts out a killer Britney Spears impression, and admits to crying in front of Tom Hanks - all for the now renowned 73 questions for Vogue:

'Divorce' on Foxtel: VIDEOS

Have you seen the new HBO show 'Divorce'?

It stars the inimitable Sarah Jessica Parker and the wildly talented Thomas Haden Church.

Here is a trailer:

Here is a recap of ep 1:

And more clips:

It screens on Foxtel's 'Showcase' channel each Wednesday, at 8.30pm.

It's brutally honest and raw and incredibly well acted.

Here are some more clips for you:

And some interviews:

Nobody gives the finger like SJP.