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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott 'True Tori': VIDEO

At what point does reality TV give far, far too much information (TMI).

I am thinking… this:

This new show with Tori Spelling, 40, and her husband Dean McDermott, 47, called 'True Tori' is set to air on the US channel Lifetime on (US time) on Tuesday April 23 at 10pm (check back here for Australian screen date), and that clip is already getting many talking on social media.

Says Dean in the show: "My worst nightmare is what I did. Absolutely, I cheated on my wife," he tells the therapist as his wife looks on. 

"Or that you got caught?" Tori interrupts. After a long pause, he admits, "I don't know."

Backstory: in late December 2013, American mag 'Us Weekly' broke the story that the father of four had an affair with 28 year old Emily Goodhand. In the April 28 cover story of the mag, Toti opened up to Us Weekly about her own traumatic experience with discovering the affair. 

"He was very nervous - I saw it in his face," she told Us of confronting her husband of 8 years. "He said that they had kissed but that was it. I knew in that moment the worst had happened."

In 'True Tori', Dean talks about his disappointment surrounding the couple's sex life.

"We had sex once every two weeks. It wasn't fantastic," he told the therapist.

"I can never give him enough sex!" Spelling replied. "He's never going to be happy with just me."


Dean, who entered treatment for an undisclosed addiction following the news of his affair, says there were no emotional ties to his infidelity. 

"I wasn't attracted to her. It was just like a warm body," he said of Emily. "Sex was an escape, just like drugs and alcohol."

Would you tune into the show? Is it too much to see, especially if you've been in her/his position?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

'Letter To Gina' Liano: the explosive blog, set to go viral

As you will see from my regular posts on 'The Real Housewives of Melbourne', I am genuine fan of the show. Indeed, a fan of the the whole franchise since its inception: 'The Real Housewives of the OC' was the very first one, and I recall each and every 'character' since (yes, they 'play' themselves, but it is, of course, amped up a few notches to make for entertaining viewing), on each and every 'Real Housewives' series and season.

However, while checking out the Twitter feed of Gina Liano this afternoon, after I'd posted a playful shot of Gina on Instagram, a screenshot of her makeup close up I'd taken yesterday following the Easter Monday 'RHOM' marathon), I was positively blown away (and not in a good way) by this highly defamatory blog post aimed squarely at bringing down RHOM cast member Gina, who has been embroiled in a very public stoush with other RHOM cast mates, in particular Andrea Moss, Lydia Schiavello and Janet Roach.

It is too abrasive and abusive to quote here, so I won't.

But I know you'll now want to read it before it is pulled down.

And you can do that by clicking here.

Shit just got real.

Gina has just posted this reply on Twitter (the tweet that brought this to my attention… it's hard to miss):

Part of the text in this screen shot, to which Gina is responding, says: "Lydia has hired someone to write an anonymous blog attacking Gina…"

Be sure to tune into the reunion show on Foxtel - see reunion show details, screen date, and social media shots here.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Honda Ad #ThumbsUp Dn't Txt & Drv: VIDEO

Published a few days ago, this ad is set to go viral, as it contains a very important message, delivered in a way young people (and everyone who writes a sneaky text) can relate to.
The ad description says:

"You are two times more likely to crash if you text while you're driving. Don't text and drive. Discover other Honda safety initiatives at Safety.Honda.com."


Share this will all the parents you know who have young men and women who drive. And watch it again so YOU get the message, too.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Maui Campervan Holiday at NRMA Ocean Beach Resort & Holiday Park: Review

I have always been a campervan kinda gal. The idea of traipsing around in a compact, cosy vehicle and eating, sleeping and showering in it appeals to the all-in-one little kid in me.

I was given the opportunity to be in possession of the mighty, yet sleek Maui beast called the 'Maui Platinum Beach'. Here she is!

Here is a short and very informative video of the Maui campervan:

Before I brag you all about my mini trip and all the fun my family and I had and show off our pics, I am thrilled to share a Maui deal for keen travellers in conjunction with Destination NSW:

"As part of encouraging Australians to see more of NSW, Maui is offering up to 25% off bookings for travellers exploring the State between 3 March – 30 June 2014."

That's a pretty awesome deal!

Destination NSW guided our trip by directing us to the www.visitnsw.com website and the folks there suggested some routes for us, to make the most of of the wonderful view from the Maui campervan en route to our destination of Umina, on the Central Coast, situated south of Gosford, and 88kms from Sydney.

We took our Maui along the 'Legendary Pacific Coast' - see http://www.visitnsw.com/things-to-do/drives-and-road-trips/the-legendary-pacific-coast for useful links and maps.

Okay, so some more about the Maui baby we had at our disposal for a glorious Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the Maui brand.

Maui is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most experienced and trusted luxury campervan brands, with 25 years experience delivering five-star, luxury self-drive experiences. The Maui fleet includes three different custom-built vehicle models, sleeping two, four and six people. Its design aesthetic allows for travellers to live in style and comfort while packing until their hearts content, with space for fishing rods, golf clubs and other holiday essentials.
Maui vehicles are designed for apartment living on the road; all vehicles are quality European Mercedes or Volkswagen models. Featuring warm, neutral tones, leather couches, luxury bed and towel linens, china crockery, wine glasses and other luxury kitchen items, Maui travellers can feel like they are in a mini home with the apartment style cooking equipment, BBQ, LCD screen and DVD player. And guess what? We really did feel like it was our tiny home for a few days. It was cosy and comfy and so very functional.

Nothing is too much trouble when travelling with Maui; customers have access to the conveniences of iPod connectivity, GPS navigators, LPG bottle swaps and an exclusive valet service. The valet service provides customers the option to exchange their linen for a fresh supply at any of the ten branches. Those travelling 21+ days are invited to drop into any of the branches to have their campervan ‘spring cleaned’ inside and out at any stage of their journey.

Maui is perfect for luxury holidays to wineries, golfing getaways, coastal road trips and a great way to travel in comfort. This allows travellers to taste and enjoy Australia’s regional food and wine, without having to rush home.

We picked up our Maui vehicle from the Sydney depot at Mascot (not far from Sydney airport), and you can start your Maui journey from any of their depots around Australia; in fact, Maui vehicles are available nationwide from nine locations in Australia and three locations in New Zealand.

Here are all the social media platforms and sites you need:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mauimotorhomesfanpage
Twitter: @MauiRentals
Instagram: #mauirentals

Further information:
Website: http://www.maui.com.au Phone: 1300 363 800

thl owns and operates KEA Campers Australia, Maui, Britz, Mighty Campervan and Car Rentals, Motek Vehicle Sales and Road Bear RV Rentals and Sales, USA; Waitomo Glowworm Caves, The Legendary Blackwater Rafting Co., Ruakuri Cave, Aranui Cave and Kiwi Experience.

Okay… so, our trip!

I will say that from beginning that while I was enamoured with the idea of a camper van trip, I'd never travelled in one.

I'd also never experienced a holiday park quite like the Ocean Beach Holiday Park. It is hugely popular with travellers and I soon found out why; it has ALL you could want for a great mini break. Amenities close by, wherever you are parked in the holiday park. Brand new kitchen and toilet facilities. Super friendly staff. Loads of activities for the kids. A pool that looks like it belongs in a quality beach resort. Jumping pillows for the kids and a water park. LOTS! And Umina beach is just a stroll away. See more here and check out the fab photos:

The best thing of all is that Maui is open every single day of the year! So, if you feel like you want to escape TODAY, you can! Call ahead to make sure your Maui vehicle is available for you, grab a map, and go, go, GO! One of the best travel experiences I've ever had, and one I will be replicating again very soon. My kids and husband and I loved every single part of it.

(*Josie's Juice was a guest of Maui and Ocean Beach Holiday Park)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

'Jonah From Tonga': on ABC IView - World Premiere of Chris Lilley Comedy To Screen

Australia’s leading internet TV service, ABC iview, is giving superfans the chance to watch puckloads of Chris Lilley’s new series 'Jonah From Tonga' online, before it hits TV screens.

Every 'pucking' episode of the six-part series will premiere in a not-to-be-missed 'weekend ivies binge', available from 6pm Friday May 2 until 6pm Sunday May 4 AEST.

With more than 15 million monthly program plays*, iview is Australia’s most accessible TV on demand service, available on 15 connected platforms including computers, tablets, smart phones, internet-enabled TVs, gaming consoles and set top boxes - so you’ll never miss a moment of 'Jonah From Tonga', wherever you are.

Last time we caught up with Jonah Takalua he was expelled from Summer Heights High. 'Jonah From Tonga' sees Jonah now in a new school but still up to his old tricks. The Tongan rebel finds himself in hot water with plenty of fights, frenemies, break-dancing and law-breaking.

“ABC iview was the first in the Australian market with an online streaming catch-up service and we continue to deliver ‘firsts’ five years on,” said Arul Baskaran, ABC Head of Online and Multiplatform.

“We’re firm believers in innovation and improving how technology can deliver outstanding Australian content to audiences no matter where they’re watching, and we’re thrilled to now offer binge viewing of a highly-anticipated show from one of Australia’s most respected comedic talents.” he added.

Princess Pictures’ Laura Waters, who produced the series with Lilley said: "Jonah From Tonga is a thrilling series, coming out in the most thrilling era of television, 

"Chris and I will always put the fan's experience first. We're so excited that people can choose their own way of getting involved with Jonah!” Laura added.

Companion broadcaster BBC Three will follow suit with their own binge weekend with the entire series available on the popular BBC iPlayer.

JONAH FROM TONGA will also screen Wednesday nights from May 7 at 9pm on ABC1, with each episode being made available again on iview after broadcast.

*Source: Webtrends

Giuliana Rancic: Sydney Cocktail Party, Westfield Bondi Junction - PHOTOS

Fashion and celebrity commentator Giuliana Rancic is wrapping up her successful, press-filled first Australian as the Autumn/Winter 'Style Ambassador' for Westfield.

Sydney’s social circuit joined Giuliana (married to the first US 'The Apprentice' winner and now successful businessman Bill Rancic - see the Josie's Juice interview here) at Westfield Bondi Junction last night to welcome international fashionista Giuliana to Australia as the newly appointed Westfield A/W Style Ambassador.

You guys, this woman is seriously stylish. She is even more stunning, lithe, tall and gorgeous in person. Westfield should be seriously proud of their choice: Giuliana spoke eloquently and passionately about her genuine love for Australian fashion. She rattled off names of brands she loves and she knows them well, having sported Australian designers Alex Perry and Paolo Sebastian gowns on the red carpet just this year, while hosting awards shows. This woman lives and breathes fashion, and knows style when she sees it. During her speech - where she genuinely lauded Aussie designers she adored - she looked divine in a Gucci long gown (from Westfield, obv).

The luxurious red carpet cocktail affair attracted Sydney’s own style connoisseurs: Nicky and Simone Zimmermann, Leona Edmiston, Genevieve Smart, Kelly Smythe and Magdalena Roze, who I chatted with on the red carpet and who looked seriously stunning. Yes, she reported on the sudden onslaught of rain that night, but she still looked amazing in a not-at-all warm floor length skirt and midriff-skimming top. Terry Biviano was also another attendee who rocked a jumpsuit like nobody's business. That is one seriously sexy mamma, and we caught up over champers and canapés and talked all things babies.

Model and presenter Laura Dundovic did a stellar job in leading proceedings and welcomed Giuliana, and asked all the right questions, including: is George Clooney really that hot in real life? Giuliana said a resounding yes, and proceeded to tell Laura she was just his type, and she would hook them up on a date. She has his number in her phone, after all. Laura didn't say no… who would? Laura looked too hot for words in her short shorts, BTW.

When the speeches wrapped up, guests sipped on Mumm and enjoyed music mixed by cutting-edge DJ, BAD Ezzy. I love that the social media hashtag for the evening was Giuliana's fave line and very first question on a red carpet: #whoareyouwearing - I Insty-ed a few shots from the evening here.

Westfield Marketing General Manager Sarah Cleggett said “We were delighted to see so many impeccably dressed guests welcome our guest of honour Giuliana last night. The event really was testament to what makes Australian style so unique.”

The A/W fashion collections are now available at Westfield retail stores. Customers can also visit www.westfield.com.au for further fashion and news updates.

Here are some beautiful social photos from the evening . Stand out fashion choice for me? The beautiful Sally Obermeder. Here is guest of honour Giuliana Rancic:

The delicious Sally Obermeder from Seven's 'The Daily Edition'

Stylist Kelly Smythe
Sari Shillingford and Zoe Loveland

Pip Edwards

Columnist Ros Reines

Kylie Gillies from 'The Morning Show' 

Nicky and Simone Zimmermann

Taryn Williams, MartinPeck

Sally Obermeder and Giuliana Rancic, whose TV and cancer survival stories have remarkable parallels

Channel Ten weather reporter Magdalena Roze

Stylish shoe designer Terry Biviano

Laura Dundovic interviewing Giuliana Rancic

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Kylie Minogue: Vogue Australia May 2014 - PHOTO

Kylie Minogue is the cover star of Vogue Australia, May 2014.

And she looks stunning.

Photographed by Will Davidson, Kylie is wearing a Schiaparelli haute couture bodysuit. On sale Thursday April 17, 2014. Read more here.